Kamisori Scissors is a Japanese brand that manufactures hair-cutting and thinning barber scissors using pure, high-quality Japanese steel, characterized by superior cutting performance.

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Kamisori boasts in its professional scissors range some of the best cutting scissors for hairdressers on the market. Their designs are meant to meet every technical and cutting requirement. The choice of steel and the attention to detail provide outstanding performances in all aspects for these cutting and thinning scissors.


Premium-quality steel

Kamisori produces its scissors using high-quality pure Japanese steel, a peculiarity that guarantees superior cutting performance and durability compared to other scissors you can find on the market. Lightweight, ergonomic shape, and balance are essential features you have to consider when buying barber scissors in order not to stress your elbow, shoulder, and wrist while you cut. Kamisori is a sure bet for professionals who are looking for comfortable and well-performing scissors. Years of studies and tests allowed to reach impeccable results in the production of scissors led by Kamisori's senior craftsmen, so much that the brand offers a lifetime warranty. These cutting scissors undergo up to 93 stages of processing, a long and detailed process that allows them to reach a higher quality. Kamisori's scissors are perfect for hairdressers and barbers who are looking for high-performance equipment. Choose Kamisori Shogun scissors if you want to get the perfect haircut. YouBarber is the exclusive distributor for Kamisori scissors. We guarantee stock, fast deliveries, and all-around assistance on all the professional barber products that can be found on our shop. Buy Kamisori scissors if you want to obtain the best cutting and thinning results.


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